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Wedding, Event & Corporate Planning

Wedding, Event & Corporate Planning
About the Founder

 My name is Dawn DiLeone, I am married and have 2 children.  I have been working for hotels, country clubs and corporate organizations planning both corporate & social events for over 25 years and  have received a bachelors degree in Business Management.  I am a huge animal lover and executing fabulous events is my passion. 

I became extremely passionate about planning weddings & special events particularly because of the initial anxieties that I saw in my clients, especially the brides.   I wanted to devote myself to all of you who were completely overwhelmed with all of the details that are necessary in order to create the perfect stress-free day. 
There is nothing more exciting to me than creating an event that represents everything you have ever dreamed of and more!!

So tell me! When are we going to start
creating your elegant event?
                       Elegant Events & Occasions LLC ; Mahwah, NJ 
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